Sunday, September 18, 2016

Hang on the Wall AND see your luck soars.

Some friend of mine in the web hissed that a portrait (or even a photo) of a running horse in the front interior wall of one's house brings luck.   It is the belief of the Chinese people, he added. 

I have already found this RUNNING HORSE picture in several houses.

Pensioners, as we are, equally are running from pillar to post for the last twenty years. 

Like the horses in the picture w.hich may never stop running any time in future, 

will we also be running ? Ever and Ever ?  I don't know.

When will reach your goal post?  

None knows..

Oh! My dear Horses ! Stop for a While. Take rest. Relax yourselves.

Anyway, let us also RUN.

Is it not said , 

You Become what You Believe. 
यतः भावं तत भवति. 

I continue to be optimistic. 

I just bought a picture of RUNNING HORSES and nailed  it on the wall of my flat. (where I stay without paying a rent.)

Would you ?

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