Tuesday, September 13, 2016



हम दुआ करते हैं

Eid Mubarak 

Best Wishes and Greetings to all our Friends.
Colleagues and Well wishers. 

How I wish a few of my friends close to my heart see my wishes !

+Jabarullah (A great family friend who retired as DM at chennai)  Where R u my friend !

+Sultan ( A 24 x 7 Section Head never to be forgotten, for his dedication . His dad was among the Trustees of Nagore Durgah, if I am correct.)

+Pichai Mohideen A (whom I last met when he was SrBM)

+J M Aboobucker (a recent acquaintance, another pensioner like me,  enlightening my understanding .From London, perhaps.)

Abdul Khadar, who studied with me at Hindi Prachar Sabha, and at the same time, a Teacher in Urdu at some school, at Tiruchy way back in 1950s, and who taught me urdu script also.  He must be more than 90 now.

Last But Not the least among them 

And that Great Friend of Mine 
Who Opened Up his purse and 
gave me everything he  did have

when on the Railway platform at  Thanjavur one night 
while boarding the Rameswaram Express Train for Chennai 
On my onward journey to Hyderabad 
To attend a Conference of Federation
I lost my purse (someone had picked it ! )

He proved that day 
Help requires a Great Heart 
Not a Big purse. 

His  name does not come to my mind.
Dementia fails me at this age.
His timely help that day 
Hardly can I miss to  remember ever and ever. 

Eid Mubarak, my friend ! 

I do not know whether you are still at the same house at LIC Colony, Thanjavur. 

Three decades ago this happened .
Three dozen decades may roll 
Still I shall remember this 
Great Help of my friend. 

But for him, I would have been forced to abandon my journey. 

God Knows Ways and Means to 
Help people in distress.

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