Thursday, June 9, 2016

No clash with eminent legal experts

Why hype on a procedural matter !!

When a new petition comes up before the court the first step as per procedural laws is for the court to order notice returnable on or before a specified date.

When the Hyderabad  Petition was moved in the Delhi High court , the court decided to tag it on to the three WPs remanded to it by the supreme court for which the hearing date was already fixed as 12/7/2016

 As the counsels for the Respondents were readily available in the court they had taken notice on the spot and the court asked them to file their counter within 3 weeks

There is nothing extraordinary about this.I would therefore reiterate that I had stated only the correct procedure I had expected and that is what actually happened. 

I wonder whether an average pensioner will be interested at all on such procedural niceties. 

Any reporting on such matters so long as what the reporter states is not contradicted , can be clearly seen only as an action to create a hype among the gullible.

 Let me stop with this as a few of our pensioners have turned eminent legal experts and no clash with them please! 

G N Sridharan.

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