Monday, August 29, 2016

Today in High Court, Delhi.


Pensioners’ case in HC Delhi today

At the hearing of the case today, the ASG representing UOI pleaded for further time to file the Government’s affidavit.

 The Bench expressed surprise that their counter could not be got ready though more than three weeks have passed since last hearing. 

The Bench pointed out that that the deadline fixed by the S.C. is ending.

 LIC wanted extension but our counsel pointed out that they should have applied to S.C. for extension instead of stating so before the Court.

 The Bench stipulated that LIC should seek extension from the S.C. immediately, and report back. 

The Bench directed that on being mentioned on 31st Aug in regard to having moved the matter at the S.C., a definite date for argument will be fixed on that day.

The Counsel appearing for a petitioner raised the issue that the IR of 40% has not been made properly. 

The Judge remarked that other petitioners also have submitted varying replies giving different interpretations, but the HC will not go into the issue as the terms of reference from S.C. do not include such issue.

We have instructed our Counsel to inform on 31st instant, the date of final argument.

G.N. Sridharan
Gen Secretary, Federation of Retd. LIC Class I Officers’ Assns

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