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Light A Candle.


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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The 3 Golden Principles of Accounting

Ever since I saw my friend at the Bank trying to rectify an error in initials in his fixed deposit,  my mind was unravelling  knots and contours  of an unknown future. 

Unconsciously I opened my almirah to have a re-look at all the documents and bank passbooks.
It is right time to check up whether I made all the nominations in my bank accounts, whether I made the will as formatted in the book supplied by our Vice President, and in fact whether my name has been rightly spelt in all the documents.

An error in initials may even result in wrong credit to some other account, my sixth sense warned.
Before the warning could wane, I started checking all files, right from 2001.

So many letters hand-written, half-written, torn, to be torn  pension statements 16A,  15H copies, proof of existence, and among them furious  letters to Banks questioning wrong debits of TDS etc. etc.

Too many wrong debits, in life too, I thought.  Unluckily or luckily perhaps no wrong credits ever never.

Looking at debits and credits, let me confess that my admiration for Accounting started right on the day when I was pushed to learn basics of Accountancy for compiling revenue account and balance sheet for the local institute for which I happened to be the Secretary by default for a year. Next year, to be honest, I ran away from the assignment, just to save me from the torture of debits and credits.

However, my admiration for Accounting in general and our Accounts Department, in particular, to say the least, was wholesome.

My admiration arose as  this subject of Accountancy alone introduced to me  such beautiful concepts vis a vis phrases like RECONCILE, HONOUR, ADJUST, BALANCE, PROVIDE FOR, which  later I discovered as  the grounds and pillars of better human relations leading to happiness and peace,

The 3 Golden Rules which my good friend Aartee not only taught but advised  me to keep close to my head and if possible save them closer to my heart  (way back in 1962) are possibly the only ones in the Universe which do not allow any exceptions. No ambiguity. No clarification ever sought on these rules. No need for revision or appeal to an appellate authority.

How I wished rules and laws enacted by our Parliament do not allow any scope for  exceptions ! any scope for varied interpretations  ! And Judgments  delivered that could never  be disputed or diluted !,

These 3 golden rules have such wide applications that when properly applied they lead to better human relations, justice and peace of mind, I vainly thought.

I said to myself: Let me implement all the golden rules whenever I  decide any further on that appeal.

Of the Three, the first that comes to my mind, is:

Debit the Receiver and Credit the Giver

For every credit, there is a corresponding debit.

zoom this to see the words.

In Share market I see, when stock comes in, money goes out.

When money comes in, stock goes out.

("Don't ask when wife comes in your life, money goes out " is another example.)

Nowadays, all of us, pensioners need all the Grace of Lord Balaji.
So, if His Grace should come in, something should go out.
Do not jump and nag  me whether that 'something" could be  donation !
Let us go step by step. We are left-brainy men. No craze for creativity.

Be sure that you and I  need Grace of Lord Venkatesa . When we all pray to Lord Sreenivasa,  He massages our hearts,possibly a message of hope is injected in our veins. . I am not talking of prasada akkara vadisal.a sweet recipe.  We feel the sweetness in our hearts . Sweating of course in purse.

I always remember my good friend who used to reply as someone curious enough asked him"Hey! how is it ! you lost  this promotion ! then he used to reply  'GOD knows. GOD IS GREAT' (that 'you" had more than a meaning.

(i  never asked him how God could know ? Those days there were no AADHAR CARDS even ! and there will names similar to him tho lose promotions also.That he never said that when he got a promotion, is besides the point. Don't quote it.)

Agreed ? Then it is high time  u come forward to pay something say x out of something say y which  you got out of His Benevolence.

 (Remember the day when everything was thrown out, this 40% alone stayed. It was just His Mercy.)

 That is the least what is asked for. You know that.
You need to give something if you want to get something.

It could be that you prayed  for 100 %, you got only 40 %. On a pradhosham day, when abishekam water is sprinkled on viewers, some get more. some get less. for some not even a drop falls on them. .But this should not make you worry and  lose heart.

Also do not leave it just like that as a hot potato.
People who sacrifice are the people who win finally also.
In any case, justice is on your side.
You are sure to get that balance 60% also.
How to get?

Don't you  know
Alfred Tennyson said:

So apply again the 2nd Rule.

Debit what comes in. Credit what goes out.

You debit your  BLESSINGS  a/c and click the button PAY in your NEFT transaction.
You find that the money is credited to His account.

And Leave it at this

.Please, please do not worry where this money goes !!!

 It is His job to see that the money you dropped  finds it way to the right people.Did not Gitacharyan say "you have the duty to perform karma alone. Never expect any fruits."

You say you know it. Then you  just pray  that the lawyers who are to argue for you should be present on that day. Pray to God that they equally  remember all the points you  painstakingly culled out and unearthed from all the judgments delivered by all High Courts throughout India.  Let them not quarrel amongst themselves. You do some special pariharam. You can think of donating a lemon size gold coin for an elderly person like me. My doors are always open . I am a 24 x 7 receiver.

Coming back to accounting, please listen.

When you put in the Great Hundi, what is due by you,
Grace comes in. Your money goes out.

What will happen ? When will happen ?
Never ask this question.
With  just hope, you will develop  the nerve to sail against swirling sea waves.

Hope for the best.  If your hope materialises, and Lord Sreenivasa @ Venkatesa @ Govindha @ Venkata ramana@'Thiruvengada mudaiyan shall certainly answer your prayers,

Let me repeat. Never ask  "When'"?

He knows when to grant .In which avatar he will be granting.

As Vamana, Narasimma, Sridhara, Parasurama, Rama, krishna.... He can come in any  form and in any name and any time. Now or in our next birth. He will certainly grant us. what is due to us.

Remember He could be NAKARA as well as SAKARA when he finally comes and delivers.
One thing I am sure is that you will indeed get much much more than what you paid.

The day will come when dharma  is finally understood  and wisdom dawns on the other side. Did not OROP come ! yes. That way  justice is hopefully delivered to us too.

Don't be surprised if your Bank Account  reveals a sudden credit entry of around 30 lakhs.( + or -  25 lakhs.)

In any case, it should be much much more than the total of debit under the column BLESSINGS  a/c

At this juncture, let me warn you that there could be another chilling thing ! Someone like Sukracharya may enter the water bottle and prevent the water from dripping.

There is also another possibility . The case may drag on and on. You may be doubtful whether in your life time, you will see the end /fruits at all.  Then what happens to your accounting?

In that case, all that you need to do is to create a provision . You do not call it Bad Blessings or Doubtful Blessings, as Lord Narayana may not be happy over it. You know when boss is not happy what happens . Let Him not  take the Narasimma avatar.

You can create a reserve by providing for such events. You see, like our colleagues who are legal men, there are equally brilliant C As amongst us. They will tell you how to create that provision without any further donation.

What shall I do if the Lord chooses not to open his eyes !! 
(This should not happen as most of pensioners' spouses are reading kanakadhara Stotram daily.)

The third Accounting Rule comes to our rescue.  Rightly , this account is called 
a nominal account

.Debit all Expenses or Loss and Credit all Income Gains or Profit
All you will have to do is:
You just pass a journal entry.

You assess the then market value of the amount shown under the debit column
Blessings a/c

Credit BLESSINGS  a/c

All these done, I am sure your heirs will not curse you for bad accounting.

When they see your bank accounts, your check books after your possible demise, they may not shout you have mismanaged even what little you got .

You may also feel assured that this simple process is quite safe. It stands up to the 32 pairs of international standards of Accountancy.

Having said that,
Now look at the other phrases of Accountancy:

Reconcile with what is practical and pragmatic.
(There are things which we can change. There are equally things which we cannot change. Prudence demands that we understand the difference between the two)

Adjust your way of living with the cost of living. 

Balance yourself, lest you wander out of your own zone of peace.

Am I recollecting and applying the principles  as you taught me   my friend ??? !!!


Some good friend cells me that I have quoted Alfred Tennyson wrongly.


(i AM SORRY.  I misspelled a couple of words. 

Alfred Tennyson  indeed  said: 

“More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of.”)

― Alfred Tennyson)

Instead of " wrought " I wrote "bought" and instead of " prayer " I wrote "payer"


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