Tuesday, January 10, 2017

What is in store for us on or after 25th Jan 2017 ? From GNS

What is in store for us on or after 25/1?

The cases in Delhi HC, as already informed, stands adjourned to 25th Jan.
We wanted to be calm till we know the contents of the LIC's expected
affidavit though it is bound to reflect only the same stand taken by them
in their reply to our writ. There is however the usual set of forces who
would not allow pensioners to relax even for while!  In such a situation we
have necessarily to share some of our views with our members and hence this

The batch of cases concerning the bank pensioners on the issue of 100% DR
neutralisation is coming up before a bench of the Supreme Court on 11/1 and
the stand of the Govt on them will be an indication on our similar demand.
Another batch of writs of SBI pensioners is likely to be heard by the same
bench of Delhi HC on7/2. The All India Bank Retirees' Federation has
decided to hold a massive Dharna at Jantar Manthar Delhi on 7/3. Hopefully
all those will go on without a fuss.  Meantime Govt is busy with its own
preoccupation like the aftermath of demonetization, forthcoming budget
presentation etc. In an atmosphere prevailing as stated in the foregoing
lines, it will be, in our view, one has to only guess the tangible thing to
turn out of Delhi HC case. The high probability is that decisions are taken
on Bank retirees and thereafter on insurance pensioners on the same lines.
before the end of march this year.

We however reiterate that we shall not lag behind in strongly rebutting any
untenable stand that might be taken by the LIC/ UOI combine. We have
already briefed our counsels sufficiently and are awaiting copy of LIC's
affidavit to file a suitable reply.

With Greetings for Makhar Sankaranthi
GN Sridharan Gen. Secy,  Fedn.of Retired LIC Class I
Officers' Assns

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