Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Today in Delhi HC

In Delhi HC today

We are informed that that the case reached for hearing only around just before lunch break. In the afternoon session the Addl. solicitor Gen. representing UOI spoke on the affidavit of LIC after which LIC counsel spoke. 

The court directed LIC to file an addl. affidavit and adjourned the matter to 14/2/2017. The likelihood of day-to-day hearing remains to be confirmed. 

GN Sridharan

TODAY 25.1.2017









Wednesday, January 18, 2017

LIC files affidavit in Delhi HC

We have just received information from our Counsel that LIC had since filed the Affidavit dt 17th inst as per order of Delhi HC on 6th instant.

 It looks that LIC had put forth the very same grounds as earlier such as valuation requirement, surplus to policyholders, expense ratio etc. 

We will study the copy shortly for our Reply Affidavit.

GN Sridharan
Gen Secy Fed of Retired LIC Class I Officers Assns

Monday, January 16, 2017

Suspense to continue!!

Suspense to continue ???

I have just received a message informing that the Hon'ble SC has granted extension of time up to 30/4/2017 to Delhi HC for disposal of our cases.

This may be disappointing to others but as expected by us. We have been repeatedly informing pensioners in general and our Fedn. members in particular that we cannot expect anything dramatic to happen before March 17 when some decisions on bank pensioners may be taken by the govt. Pensioners will do well understand the dramatic descriptions of the happenings on our cases in the Delhi High Court similar to a ball to ball commentary on a cricket match, and all the opinions by legal experts before and after completion of the argument have lost significance. We however hope that all the turns will end well.
Incidentally to inform, the batch of appeals on 100% DR neutralisation to bank pensioners which was listed on 11/1 is likely to be heard by the SC on 18/1/217.
With greetings, 
GN Sridharan 

Gen.Secy Fedn of Retd LIC Class I officers' Assns.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Delhi court order dated 6.1.17

Delhi Court  Order 

dated 6th January 2017 click here.

We send herewith the order of the Delhi HC which is self explanatory.

In view of the categorical statement by the Sr Adv Sri Nidesh Gupta  contemplating application before the SC, we had to state as follows:   

1) it is confirmed that we in the Federation of Retired Class I Officers Associations had no role to play on extension matters, as originally and unfairly alleged by a couple of 'leaders' and which we had strongly refuted by us.

2) it is left to pensioners to guess what would happen or anything worthwhile would happen at all, as we feared in our recent circular dated 0th instant and 

3) notwithstanding the above, we are gearing up on our part to reply the LIC affidavit on financial implications and we shall not lag behind in giving fitting reply affidavit, after we receive the LIC affidavit copy, which is yet to reach us. 

Once again Greetings for Happy Makhar Sankaranthi 

GN Sridharan
Gen Secy Fed of Retired LIC Class I Officers Assns
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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

What is in store for us on or after 25th Jan 2017 ? From GNS

What is in store for us on or after 25/1?

The cases in Delhi HC, as already informed, stands adjourned to 25th Jan.
We wanted to be calm till we know the contents of the LIC's expected
affidavit though it is bound to reflect only the same stand taken by them
in their reply to our writ. There is however the usual set of forces who
would not allow pensioners to relax even for while!  In such a situation we
have necessarily to share some of our views with our members and hence this

The batch of cases concerning the bank pensioners on the issue of 100% DR
neutralisation is coming up before a bench of the Supreme Court on 11/1 and
the stand of the Govt on them will be an indication on our similar demand.
Another batch of writs of SBI pensioners is likely to be heard by the same
bench of Delhi HC on7/2. The All India Bank Retirees' Federation has
decided to hold a massive Dharna at Jantar Manthar Delhi on 7/3. Hopefully
all those will go on without a fuss.  Meantime Govt is busy with its own
preoccupation like the aftermath of demonetization, forthcoming budget
presentation etc. In an atmosphere prevailing as stated in the foregoing
lines, it will be, in our view, one has to only guess the tangible thing to
turn out of Delhi HC case. The high probability is that decisions are taken
on Bank retirees and thereafter on insurance pensioners on the same lines.
before the end of march this year.

We however reiterate that we shall not lag behind in strongly rebutting any
untenable stand that might be taken by the LIC/ UOI combine. We have
already briefed our counsels sufficiently and are awaiting copy of LIC's
affidavit to file a suitable reply.

With Greetings for Makhar Sankaranthi
GN Sridharan Gen. Secy,  Fedn.of Retired LIC Class I
Officers' Assns

Friday, January 6, 2017


Re: Today’s proceedings in Delhi HC

The arguments in our cases continued today and we were in constant touch with our Counsel Shri RK Garg and our LC Member Shri VK Jain.

The proceedings began with resumption of arguments to complete the partly advanced submissions by other counsels. In the afternoon session LIC’s counsel is reported to have stressed on the financial implications on the pensioners’ demands. The Court directed LIC to file an affidavit on the financial impact, within 7 days, and also directed the respondents to file their reply in a week thereafter.

We are informed that a representation was made to the effect that the Solicitor General will be available for arguments on behalf of UOI only at the next hearing. The Court thereafter adjourned the matter to 25th Jan 2017.

According to our information a senior counsel representing another organisation (i.e. not ours) that a formal petition may be fled for extending the time set by the Hon SC for disposal of the case. The concerned senior counsel had agreed to do so. Evidently, the Hon Court themselves would need some more time to come out with their verdict.

With Greetings

GN Sridharan
Gen Secretary, Fed of Retired LIC Class I Officers’ Assns


Further to our e Circular of date, we would like to inform that in the latest circular referred to above there has been an inadvertent omission.  We therefore hasten to clarify that it was the suggestion of fthe Hon'ble Court themselves that a petition may be filed for extension of time for disposal by the HC. The omission of the words ''the court suggested ''was accidental and the same is regretted. - GNSridharan

Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Re: Hearing of our case, in Delhi HC

As expected the hearing took place today (4/1/2017). Al the counsels representing the pensioners’ organizations including ours advanced their arguments. All spoke on the ‘discrimination’ and ‘up-gradation’ issues, and there was absolutely no dissenting. The defendants’ senior counsel however clarified on a couple of points. Totally it took three and half hours for all to present their arguments.  The Bench was interactive on most of the points presented.

At the end of the day, representation was made by LIC/UOI for continuing their argumentstomorrow. The Court however agreed to hear them on 6/1/2017.
Interested persons may kindly get in touch with me over phone for any details.

I wish to add that a rumour floats that ‘Khanna’ (referring perhaps to our Senior Counsel) is likely to seek extension from SC.  It is totally baseless and refuted with all emphasis at our command. Kindly ignore any post in any blog on this.

With Greetings,

GN Sridharan
Gen Secy, Ded of Retired LIC Class I Officers’ Assns
Camp: New Delhi