Wednesday, November 30, 2016

G N Sridharan informs.

Day’s happening in Delhi HC

We sent a couple of SMS to a few and the detailed account follows as below.
Our case was listed in both Court No 6 and a Special Court. As soon as the Bench sat in the morning at 10.30 AM, our Advocate Shri Rajiv Garg and a senior counsel of one other petitioner mentioned this to Bench and sought indication as to when our case would be heard during the day. This was necessary since it was expected that a reconstituted Bench may be hearing our case as the companion judge J Sunita Gupta is reportedly retiring very shortly. Further the general view among counsels was that hearing on our matters will have to be taken up on a day-to-day basis over a short span, once a final date is fixed.
In the entire morning session and also more than 1 and ½ hours after lunch break, only other listed cases were taken up by J Sanjiv Khanna and a new companion Judge.  At close to 3 45 PM, the existing Bench retired and the erstwhile Bench hearing our case took up the case, obviously and as expected, to adjourn the matter to 8th Dec 2016.
It is therefore clear that a newly constituted bench (likely J Khanna and a new companion Judge) will hear the cases on and from 8th Dec 2016. I personally expect that 8th Dec 2016 will only a formal hearing will take place.  I am not ruling out a further adjournment beyond X-mas holidays.   

We are in touch with our advocates and are following up the matter.

With Greetings
GN Sridharan
Gen Secy Fed of Retd LIC Class I Officers Assns
Camp: New Delhi

PS: Please await (separately) details of the EC Meeting held at Thrissur on 28th instant (which will take a few days on my return to Chennai). 

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