Friday, November 11, 2016

A note on Delhi HC Order.

  Delhi High court order of date

 We have just been informed that orders were pronounced by Justice Khanna of Delhi HC holding that the supreme court order on payment of 40% IR has been complied with by LIC.

It is indeed a disappointing situation for the pensioners. Some of us knowing the trend of thinking of judiciary on such matters have always cautioned against any over reliance on judiciary to solve all our problems .

This interim pronouncement on an issue blown out of proportion by self seeking 'Leaders' will unfortunately have repercussions on other issues still to be gone into by the High court. 

It is distressing one of such leaders has already started talking of going to supreme court. 

    We appeal to all members to re​m​ember that only on our initiative that the  IR arose and we are as competant as others it not more than others in  tackling such depressing situations, after we receive the copy of the order shortly. 

Meantime we hope that our members will not get unduly worried as we have other major issues to be solved.

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