Friday, November 18, 2016


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Dear shri Sury, 

your mails one re: shri Asthana's post on Mr Sreenivasamurthy and the other on Delhi HC order of 11/11.

Kindly bear with me for having delayed my response. 

While I felt that shri KMLA's post was a trifle harsh in language I should be honest in stating that I am in full agreement with the message that he has sought to convey Viz. Mr. murthy is anxious to see that LIC pensioners recognise him as the only leader working for their good. His anxiety is understandable and it is the natural for those who choose themselves as leaders. Mr. murthy broke away from our organisation as he was not happy that we were pursuing the issue of DR anomaly affecting the aged pre 97 lot and he would not settle for anything other than up gradation for all and nothing else. He was not receptive to our plea that upgradation was not thought of when we approached Delhi HC in late 2006 and our petition was numbered in early 2007.His hyper activity would appear to have had its own share of the 11/11 debacle. 

I fail to understand why he should be worried on what those who were hit by the denial of 100% DR neutralisation get or do not get. 

if he succeeds in getting at least a BIT more than what the established three representative organisations of LIC pensioners have been striving for, Mr. Murthy will deserve appreciation from all quarters. 

Enough on this for now.

As for Delhi HC order we surely had invited it.

 It should however be noted that some misconceptions are in the background of the negative verdict that has been handed down.

 Personally I feel  it would be only a futile exercise if we agitate by filing review, ,appeal etc.which  can also jeopardise the chances of achieving something on other issues pending before the court.

Our federation's Executive committee will decide on further steps when it meets this month end.



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