Sunday, October 16, 2016

What is happening ?

What is happening

           For Bank pensioners

In the context of  the  usual expectations on the Delhi HC tomorrow(16/10) it is felt relevant to share the infornation we have on Bank pensioners as follows.

1,The batch of appeals relating to 100 p.c.newtralisation for bank  pensiioners who had retired prior to 1/11/2002 will be heard by Supreme court only on 17/1/2 017.17 1 2017

2. In a recent judgement dt.26/9/2016 a Division bench of Kolkata HC has upheld the plea for 100 p.c DR neutralisation for pensioners of United Bank of india inW P 507/2012. My sources indicate that UoI will challenge this also in supreme court.

 In this background we should expect  the Govt's approch will be only to dilly Dally on our matters to delay any final verdict by Delhi HC.We are however fully prepared to counter any argument

.Let us wait for 24 hrs and see any immediate will come about for 5K members of our Federation at tomorrow's  hearing.

 i am sorry due to pressing personal circumstances i am unable to attend the hearing ttotI am however sure the other members of 
our Legal committee who are at Delhi will promptly inform the progress

With Greetings -

GNSridharan \

Federation of LIC Class 1 Officers' Associations. 

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