Tuesday, July 12, 2016

G N Sridharan , Secretary, Federation writes :

What happened today at Delhi High Court?

G N Sridharan writes:

Today's proceedings in Delhi HC

Despite attempt by LIC counsel, as expected, to get two weeks adjournment, the cases came up today 
and there were serious discussions on the issues involved. 

 All the lawyers were present.  The Court heard all the cases during almost one hour in the forenoon.  

On an enquiry  by the Bench, the counsel for LIC admitted that they had not filed their counter, and at this, the Judge expressed anguish.  Curiously, our Federation's amended petition was also not in the case bundle but our counsel pointed out the same was fled as early as he first week of June 2016 (our counsel  is following up with the Registry to get the matter set right).

There was mention of the fact  by participating advocates that old pensioners seven steps above get pension less than one third of the pension paid to lowest cadre.   The Judge made an enquiry on how the funded scheme would sustain increase in pension in the days to come on the falling interest rate.  A good deal of explanations emerged.  Sometime during discussion, the Judge said discrimination must end'.

Mention was also made on the faulty calculation. Judge directed LIC counsel filing an appropriate affidavit within (as heard by us, within four days). LIC is to file counter for amended petitions before the next hearing.

The next hearing is to take place on 4th Aug 2016. From the way the Judge was observing, it is obvious that LIC will not ask for adjournment.  It looks that  the Bench is serious about the time schedules .  For further details, we have to wait for the written order to come in a day of two.

We are in the process of engaging a Senior Counsel  to take forward case. 

GN Sridharan
Gen Secy. Fed of Retd. LIC Class I Officers' Assns    
Camp: New Delhi

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