Monday, July 31, 2017

S L P filed at Supreme Court by Federation today.


our Federation

filed today ie., 31.7.2017

Diary No. 22862/2017

Await circular.


Wednesday, July 26, 2017

To be happy this moment...

How can you be happy if you're holding onto unpleasant memories of the past? 

Unpleasant memories are the biggest hindrance for you to be happy this moment.

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Sunday, July 23, 2017


information from 
our joint secretary
chennai chapter
of our Association.

Dear Members,
The concern of our colleagues at Chennai about lack of communication for quite some time has been conveyed to me. I am sorry the cause for it was that I was busy for nearly two weeks in finalising the Special Leave petition (SLP) in the supreme court against the Delhi High Court judgement DT 27/4 which was totally adverse on the issue of up gradation of pensions though on the question of DR Anomaly some relief had been granted to the pre 97 retirees .

            I may however inform that thanks to the help of our vice president Shri. Arunachalam and other Legal committee members of the federation we have finalised a revised draft which has already been forwarded to our advocate at Delhi . we expect that the petition would be filed before 27th of this month. We are seeking interim relief in regard to DR while praying for a stay of the Delhi judgement in all other respects. 
On organisational matters I am happy to report that Nine new members have joined us due to efforts taken by our active Joint . Secretary Shri VR Krishnan. I shall be happy, if our members can refer any of their friends or other officers who had just retired or who are going to retire shortly, to any one of us.
As for contributions to the legal fund ,only 106 members(including those who attended our AGM on 13/5) have so for sent in their cheques. I take the liberty of reminding others in this behalf
With Greetings
---  GN Sridharan President Retd.LIC class 1 officers' Association

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Filing S L P in Supreme Court

Filing SLP in SC

As we are receiving enquiries on the status of work in regard to the above, we confirm we are actively on the job.  Our advocate had sent to us a preliminary draft of the petition on  which we felt a little more of elaboration was called for.  We have therefore sent back to him a revised draft prepared after consultations amongst the legal committee members as decided earlier.  Our activist at Delhi shri. VK Jain is coordinating with our advocate and we are taking all steps to ensure that the petition is filed on 25th or 26th of this month. 

We may add that the other two organisations we are in touch with may also be filing around the same time only, .

With Greetings,
GN Sridharan, Gen. Secy. Federation of Retd.LIC Class I Officers' Assns.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

News from Federation

Shri MS Murty​ is no more

The news of Shri M Sreenivasa Mmurty's demise has come to us as a rude shock.

Notwithstanding the differences on certain policy matters and approach.every one of us including myself had great admiration for his zeal in working for the cause of pensioners. I have already conveyed my personal condolence through the three blogs in operation. I now place on record our deep sympathies to his bereaved family on behalf of our Federation.

​​Filing of SLP in Supreme Court

We are still in the process of finalizing the papers and we hope that the same will be lodged in 10 days' time. Our inquiries with the leadership of AIIPA & AIRIEF reveal that they will also be filing their SLPs not before 20th of this month. We shall promptly inform members as soon as the filing is done.
GN Sridharan
Gen. Secy Federation of Retd. LIC class1 officers' Associations

OUR Vice President D.Krishnan conveys his condolences.

Sri Mulukutla Srinivasa Murty's sudden passing away has really come as a shock to all his friends and admirers. I had known Sri Murty from a number of years during our service days. I had watched him flower out into a very able and amiable personality. He held higher level positions with grace and dignity. He had a way of effectively communicating from the stage. He also had a penchant for the written word.

The tremendous energy with which he plunged into the movement for the Pensioners for their rights and privileges was amazing. From his  activity levels in the cause of Pensioners, one can't easily guess his age. He looked like a motivated youngster, hopping places spending his own time and money, to achieve his objectives. He was an incurable optimist who went around to canvass opinion in favour of his approach to the legal battles. It was after a no of such attempts at trying to get the Pensioners Federation to see his angle to the legal directions, he thought would bear fruits, that he finally, out of a sense of disillusionment, parted ways with the Federation taking the Hyderabad Association out of the affiliation to the Fedrn. It was to his credit that he kept his friendships with those in the now different camp, quite in tact. He would write and talk over phone as if those official positions did not matter. Perhaps the only little flaw, if one may say so, was in his inability to spare  the Fedrn. leadership in his repeat writings, though there was littlle provocation from that side. But this again marked him out as a  redoubtable fighter for whom only his goal mattered.

To me personally he was very good friend, who made it a point to ask me to inform him of my visits to Hyderabad well after my retirement. In the Service days, he would invariably accompany me to various places in his self-driven Honda City Car. Even as I fell silent in correspondence with him after the days of his moving away from Fedrn. he would inform me of his visits to Chennai and the venue where he would meet friends. Discord not withstanding, I have attended some of those meetings. Even his detractors would have no hesitation in granting that he was a vivacious personality at his age. We have truly lost a a committed and colourful crusader in our cause. Honestly, he was so lively in all his dealings , I never imagined I would be writing about him in such sad circumstances so early on.



MSM is no more . GNS expresses his deep condolences

I was greatly shocked to know of the demise of 
shri Sreenivasamurthy last evening, It was unfortunate that till late night,-  almost till I was engrossed in going through the draft of SLP to be filed on behalf of the federation and had avoided access to my system. It was only when I woke up this morning I could come to know of this sad news which has indeed shaken me terribly.
> Despite my policy differences with him I sincerely state that i had deep admiration for the hectic manner he was going about his job for the cause of LIC pensioners. I gratefully recall that even about 48 hours back he had expressed his personal regard for me through his post in the Pensioners' Chronicle.
> Shri Murthy's acquaintance with me dates back to more than three decades and I have indeed lost a valuable old friend of mine. His undying enthusiasm to work was something fantastic worthy of emulation by any one working for a common cause.His end has come ironically when the pensioners legal battle is in a crucial stage for which he was relentlessly working.
> I offer my deepest condolences to Mrs. murthy and the other members of his family on this irreparable loss . I pray to the Almighty to rest his soul in peace. 



(More Condolences messages are here)  (Thank u my dear Gangadharan , for the photo. from Sury )


It is hard to believe....

M Arunachalam

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to pggangadharanmerk
It is hard to believe that MSM is no more. I did caution him two months back::. ".... I wish you speedy recovery to normalcy, and I am sure you will ensure the needed restraint and caution in the activities that you are shouldering upon. He was to quick to respond: "Thank you for your kind wishes. Nice of you, Sir for the personal message". 

He used to speak his points admirably well, in open sessions. We did have several rounds of closed meetings, both before and after his forming HYD.  Rarely he missed any proceedings in SC  or HC but pensioners' movement.will miss him for ever. My heartfelt condolences to his family members, dear and near. May his soul rest in peace!

Nostalgia: Our association started 22 years back. The enclosed picture will show his liking to take the center stage, and of course he was in the limelight in the then XLRI program also - (me in at the extreme right and another LIC friend whom we miss is at 6th from the right, in the picture). 

Saturday, July 1, 2017

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Aajtak Live TV

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