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information from 
our joint secretary
chennai chapter
of our Association.

Dear Members,
The concern of our colleagues at Chennai about lack of communication for quite some time has been conveyed to me. I am sorry the cause for it was that I was busy for nearly two weeks in finalising the Special Leave petition (SLP) in the supreme court against the Delhi High Court judgement DT 27/4 which was totally adverse on the issue of up gradation of pensions though on the question of DR Anomaly some relief had been granted to the pre 97 retirees .

            I may however inform that thanks to the help of our vice president Shri. Arunachalam and other Legal committee members of the federation we have finalised a revised draft which has already been forwarded to our advocate at Delhi . we expect that the petition would be filed before 27th of this month. We are seeking interim relief in regard to DR while praying for a stay of the Delhi judgement in all other respects. 
On organisational matters I am happy to report that Nine new members have joined us due to efforts taken by our active Joint . Secretary Shri VR Krishnan. I shall be happy, if our members can refer any of their friends or other officers who had just retired or who are going to retire shortly, to any one of us.
As for contributions to the legal fund ,only 106 members(including those who attended our AGM on 13/5) have so for sent in their cheques. I take the liberty of reminding others in this behalf
With Greetings
---  GN Sridharan President Retd.LIC class 1 officers' Association

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Filing S L P in Supreme Court

Filing SLP in SC

As we are receiving enquiries on the status of work in regard to the above, we confirm we are actively on the job.  Our advocate had sent to us a preliminary draft of the petition on  which we felt a little more of elaboration was called for.  We have therefore sent back to him a revised draft prepared after consultations amongst the legal committee members as decided earlier.  Our activist at Delhi shri. VK Jain is coordinating with our advocate and we are taking all steps to ensure that the petition is filed on 25th or 26th of this month. 

We may add that the other two organisations we are in touch with may also be filing around the same time only, .

With Greetings,
GN Sridharan, Gen. Secy. Federation of Retd.LIC Class I Officers' Assns.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

News from Federation

Shri MS Murty​ is no more

The news of Shri M Sreenivasa Mmurty's demise has come to us as a rude shock.

Notwithstanding the differences on certain policy matters and approach.every one of us including myself had great admiration for his zeal in working for the cause of pensioners. I have already conveyed my personal condolence through the three blogs in operation. I now place on record our deep sympathies to his bereaved family on behalf of our Federation.

​​Filing of SLP in Supreme Court

We are still in the process of finalizing the papers and we hope that the same will be lodged in 10 days' time. Our inquiries with the leadership of AIIPA & AIRIEF reveal that they will also be filing their SLPs not before 20th of this month. We shall promptly inform members as soon as the filing is done.
GN Sridharan
Gen. Secy Federation of Retd. LIC class1 officers' Associations

OUR Vice President D.Krishnan conveys his condolences.

Sri Mulukutla Srinivasa Murty's sudden passing away has really come as a shock to all his friends and admirers. I had known Sri Murty from a number of years during our service days. I had watched him flower out into a very able and amiable personality. He held higher level positions with grace and dignity. He had a way of effectively communicating from the stage. He also had a penchant for the written word.

The tremendous energy with which he plunged into the movement for the Pensioners for their rights and privileges was amazing. From his  activity levels in the cause of Pensioners, one can't easily guess his age. He looked like a motivated youngster, hopping places spending his own time and money, to achieve his objectives. He was an incurable optimist who went around to canvass opinion in favour of his approach to the legal battles. It was after a no of such attempts at trying to get the Pensioners Federation to see his angle to the legal directions, he thought would bear fruits, that he finally, out of a sense of disillusionment, parted ways with the Federation taking the Hyderabad Association out of the affiliation to the Fedrn. It was to his credit that he kept his friendships with those in the now different camp, quite in tact. He would write and talk over phone as if those official positions did not matter. Perhaps the only little flaw, if one may say so, was in his inability to spare  the Fedrn. leadership in his repeat writings, though there was littlle provocation from that side. But this again marked him out as a  redoubtable fighter for whom only his goal mattered.

To me personally he was very good friend, who made it a point to ask me to inform him of my visits to Hyderabad well after my retirement. In the Service days, he would invariably accompany me to various places in his self-driven Honda City Car. Even as I fell silent in correspondence with him after the days of his moving away from Fedrn. he would inform me of his visits to Chennai and the venue where he would meet friends. Discord not withstanding, I have attended some of those meetings. Even his detractors would have no hesitation in granting that he was a vivacious personality at his age. We have truly lost a a committed and colourful crusader in our cause. Honestly, he was so lively in all his dealings , I never imagined I would be writing about him in such sad circumstances so early on.



MSM is no more . GNS expresses his deep condolences

I was greatly shocked to know of the demise of 
shri Sreenivasamurthy last evening, It was unfortunate that till late night,-  almost till I was engrossed in going through the draft of SLP to be filed on behalf of the federation and had avoided access to my system. It was only when I woke up this morning I could come to know of this sad news which has indeed shaken me terribly.
> Despite my policy differences with him I sincerely state that i had deep admiration for the hectic manner he was going about his job for the cause of LIC pensioners. I gratefully recall that even about 48 hours back he had expressed his personal regard for me through his post in the Pensioners' Chronicle.
> Shri Murthy's acquaintance with me dates back to more than three decades and I have indeed lost a valuable old friend of mine. His undying enthusiasm to work was something fantastic worthy of emulation by any one working for a common cause.His end has come ironically when the pensioners legal battle is in a crucial stage for which he was relentlessly working.
> I offer my deepest condolences to Mrs. murthy and the other members of his family on this irreparable loss . I pray to the Almighty to rest his soul in peace. 



(More Condolences messages are here)  (Thank u my dear Gangadharan , for the photo. from Sury )


It is hard to believe....

M Arunachalam

Attachments8:54 AM (0 minutes ago)

to pggangadharanmerk
It is hard to believe that MSM is no more. I did caution him two months back::. ".... I wish you speedy recovery to normalcy, and I am sure you will ensure the needed restraint and caution in the activities that you are shouldering upon. He was to quick to respond: "Thank you for your kind wishes. Nice of you, Sir for the personal message". 

He used to speak his points admirably well, in open sessions. We did have several rounds of closed meetings, both before and after his forming HYD.  Rarely he missed any proceedings in SC  or HC but pensioners' movement.will miss him for ever. My heartfelt condolences to his family members, dear and near. May his soul rest in peace!

Nostalgia: Our association started 22 years back. The enclosed picture will show his liking to take the center stage, and of course he was in the limelight in the then XLRI program also - (me in at the extreme right and another LIC friend whom we miss is at 6th from the right, in the picture). 

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Aajtak Live TV

Aajtak Live TV

Aajtak Live TV

PM Modi at the Launch of Goods & Service Tax (GST) in the Central Hall o...

देश में लागु हुआ GST मोदी जी ने बनाया इतिहास | दिया धमाकेदार भाषण



Kanchi Varadarajan - Garuda Sevai 2017_Part 03_12m 59s

Kanchi Varadarajan - Garuda Sevai 2017_Part 03_12m 59s

Monday, June 26, 2017

அனுஷத்தின் அனுக்கிரஹம் | Morning Cafe | 26/06/2017 | PUTHUYUGAM TV

The lyric is written by Ms/Seethala 
(an employee of LIC) 

The singer is Dr.Ganesh, a popular Carnatic musician , disciple of Maharajapuram Santhanam.

Their proud dad is an LIC pensioner. 

It is His Will that Decides

Everything happens because of God’s will

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Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara – I’m sure we all remember this touching incident from Shri Salem Anusham Ravi Mama.
Many Jaya Jaya Sankara to our sathsang seva volunteer Smt. Sharadha Srinivasan for the translation and Shri Mani for the share.
“கஷ்டம் கஷ்டம்” என்று நாம் படுவதாக நினைத்துக் கொண்டால், அந்த கஷ்டத்துக்கு கொண்டாட்டம்!
அம்பத்தூரில் ஒரு கம்பெனியில் வேலை செய்தவருக்கு ஏகப்பட்ட ப்ரச்சனைகள்! நோயாளி மனைவி, தறுதலைப் பிள்ளைகள்.
அவருடைய நண்பர் பெரியவாளுடைய பக்தர்.
“நீ உனக்குள்ளேயே நொந்துண்டு இருக்கறதை விட, பேசாம காஞ்சிபுரம் போ!
எங்க பெரியவாளை ஒரே ஒரு தடவை தர்சனம் பண்ணு. ஒன்னோட ஸ்ரமங்கள் காத்தோட காத்தாப் போய்டும்!…” என்று சொன்னதை மனஸில் வாங்கிக் கொண்டு காஞ்சிபுரம் வந்தார்.
“ஒலகத்தோட மூலை முடுக்குலேர்ந்தெல்லாம் பெரிய பெரிய ராஜாக்கள், ஜனாதிபதிகள்லேர்ந்து, சாதாரண குடியானவா வரைக்கும் வந்து தர்சனம் பண்ணுவாளாமே! அவரைச் சுத்தி எப்போவுமே ஜனக்கூட்டம் இருந்துண்டுதானே இருக்கும்? அத்தனை கூட்டத்துல அவர் கிட்ட போயி நம்ம அங்கலாய்ப்பை சொல்ல முடியுமா?…” என்ற எண்ணம் அவர் மனஸில் ஓடிக் கொண்டே இருந்தது. பஸ்ஸில் இறங்கி வழி கேட்டுக்கொண்டு மடத்துக்கு வந்தார். ஆச்சர்யம்! ஒரு ஈ.காக்கா இல்லை!
“சரிதான்! நம்ம கெட்ட நேரம், அந்த ஸாமியார் கூட இங்கேர்ந்து கெளம்பிட்டார் போல இருக்கு!…” என்று நொந்து கொண்டார். ஆள் அரவமே இல்லாத இந்த இடத்தில், நண்பர் சொன்ன ஸாமியாரைப் பத்தி யார்கிட்ட கேக்கலாம்?….
கொஞ்சம் தொலைவில் ஒரு கிழவர் தென்பட்டார். நேரே அவரிடம் போனார்.
“ஐயா, பெரியவரே!…இங்க ஒரு சன்யாசி இருக்காராமே…அவர் எங்க போயிருக்கார்…ன்னு தெரியுமா?”
“அவரையா பாக்க வந்தேள்? யார் சொல்லி அனுப்பினா?..”
“என்னோட பிரெண்ட் [பெயரைச் சொன்னார்] அந்த சன்யாசியைப் பத்தி ரொம்ப சொன்னார். எனக்கு குடும்பத்துல கஷ்டம் தாங்க முடியலே; பொண்டாட்டி எப்பப்பாத்தாலும் சீக்காளிதான்! பசங்களோ ஒண்ணுத்துக்கும் ப்ரயோஜனமில்லே ! வீட்டுல நிம்மதி, சந்தோஷம் ரெண்டும் கொஞ்சங்கூட இல்லே! நேர்மையா ஒழைச்சாலும், வாழ்ந்தாலும் நிம்மதியா ஒரு வாய் சாப்பாடு உள்ளே இறங்கலே!..அதான் அவர் சொன்னாரேன்னு அந்த சாமியாரைப் பாத்தாலாவது ஏதாவது விடிவு காலம் பொறக்குமா..ன்னு வந்தேன்…அவரும் இங்க இல்லே..”
“ஓஹோ! அவர்ட்ட சொன்னா, ஒனக்கு எதாவுது தீர்வு கெடைக்குமா என்ன?..”
“இந்த கிழவர் என்ன இப்பிடிக் கேக்கறார்?…” மனசுக்குள் கேட்டுக்கொண்டார்.
“ஸ்ரமம் ஸ்ரமம்…ன்னு சொல்றியே..அதை ஏன் நீ படறதா நெனைக்கறே?….அந்த பாரம் ஒன்னோடது இல்லைன்னு நீ நெனைச்சிண்டா மனஸ் லேஸாயிடுமே !”
“இது எப்பிடி ஐயா? நான்தானே அத்தனை கஷ்டங்களையும் தாங்கிக்க வேண்டியிருக்கு?
என்னோட கஷ்டங்களை வேற யாரு சொமப்பா?…”
கிழவர் சிரித்தார்…
“இப்போ….ஊருக்கு போறோம்ன்னு வெச்சுக்கோ. ஒன்னோட பொட்டி படுக்கை, மூட்டை முடிச்சு..ன்னு எல்லா பாரத்தையும் சொமந்துண்டு போய்த்தானே ஆகணும்? ஆனா, அப்போ என்ன பண்ணறோம்?
யாராவுது கூலியாளை அமத்திண்டு தூக்கிண்டு வரச் சொல்றோம். இல்லியா? அப்போ அந்த பாரம் நம்மளை அழுத்தாது. அதே மாதிரிதான் நாம படர ஸ்ரமங்களும்! எந்த ஸ்ரமமும் நம்முளுது இல்லே! பகவான் பாத்துப்பான்…ன்னு பூர்ணமா சரணாகதி அடைஞ்சுட்டா…நமக்கு அந்த ஸ்ரமங்களால எந்த பாதிப்பும் வராது!…”
கேட்டுக் கொண்டிருந்த அம்பத்தூர்வாசிக்கு எதிரில் இருப்பவர் “ஜகத்குரு” என்பது தெரியாவிட்டாலும், நெருப்பின் ஒளியையும், உஷ்ணத்தையும் மறைக்க முடியுமா? தெய்வத்தின் வாக்கு கம்பீரமாக பேரருவியாக அவருக்குள் பாய்ந்தது!
“ஐயா….நீங்க சொன்னதைக் கேட்டதும் எனக்கு மனசு கொஞ்சம் லேஸா ஆயிடுத்து. என் பாரம் ஒன்னோடது…ன்னு பகவான்கிட்ட சொல்லிடறது நல்லதுதான்! ஒங்ககிட்ட சொன்ன மாதிரி இந்த சாமியார்ட்ட வந்து என்னோட பாரங்களை எறக்கி வெச்சிட்டு போகலான்னு இங்க வந்தா, அவரைப் பாக்க முடியலே…எனக்கு ஒடனே மெட்ராஸ் போயாகணும்…என்னோட விதி அப்பிடி! அதுனால, இருந்து அவரைப் பாக்க முடியாது…எனக்கு இன்னமும் நல்ல காலம் வரலே போல தோணறது ..ஆனா, ஒங்களண்ட பேசினதுல, மனசுக்கு நெஜமாவே இதமா இருக்கு….ஆமா, நீங்க யாரு? இதே ஊருதானா ஐயா?
அந்த சாமியாரை பாத்திருக்கேளா?…”
பெரியவா முகத்தில் ஏகச் சிரிப்பு!
“என்னை…..எல்லாரும் சங்கராச்சார்யார்..ன்னு சொல்லுவா..”
அம்பத்தூர் அடுத்த க்ஷணம் பெரியவாளுடைய திருவடியில் கிடந்தார்! கோடானுகோடி பேர் ஒரு க்ஷணம் தர்சனம் பண்ண மாட்டோமா? என்று தவிக்கும் மஹா மஹா பெரியவா, மஹா மஹா அற்பமான தன்னோடு இத்தனை நேரமாக எளிமையின் மறு உருவமாகப் பேசிக் கொண்டிருந்திருக்கிறார்..என்றால், அது அவ்யாஜ கருணை ஒன்றேயன்றி வேறென்ன இருக்க முடியும்?
பெரியவா முன்னால் சட்டையைக் கழற்றி விட்டு நமஸ்கரிப்பதுதான் முறை. அம்பத்தூருக்கோ உள்ளே பூணூலே கிடையாது! ஸர்வாந்தர்யாமியான பெரியவாளுக்கு தெரியாதா?
கார்யஸ்தரை கூப்பிட்டு, “இவரை உள்ள அழைச்சிண்டு போயி, பூணூல் போட்டு விடு!..” என்று கூறி, ஆசிர்வதித்து அனுப்பினார்.
“கஷ்டம் கஷ்டம்” என்று நாம் படுவதாக நினைத்துக் கொண்டால், அந்த கஷ்டத்துக்கு கொண்டாட்டம்!
“கஷ்டமோ, சந்தோஷமோ, மானமோ அவமானமோ, எல்லாமே பகவானின் இஷ்டம்” என்று த்ருடமாக நம்பிக்கை கொண்டால், நமக்கு கொண்டாட்டம்! ஏனென்றால், அதுதான் உண்மையும் கூட!.
“Difficulties, Difficulties” – if we lament that we are going through difficulties, those difficulties rejoice!!!
A person who was working for a company at Ambattur had lots of problems in his life! Sick wife, useless children to name a few.
He had a friend who was Maha Periyava’s devotee.
The friend advised the person – “Instead of going through the trauma of facing your difficulties alone, go to Kancheepuram. Have dharshan of our Maha Periyava once. All your difficulties will vanish at that instant”. The person listened to this advice and came to Kancheepuram.
He thought, “Even Kings from different parts of the world, Presidents and also poor peasants come for Maha Periyava’s dharshan. There will be lots of people around Periyava all the time. In the midst of all the crowd, how can I go near him and explain my problems”. He got out the bus and reached the Sri Matam. Big Surprise! There were none in the Sri Matam!
He lamented,”Oh my! It is my bad fate that the Sage has left this place!” He could not find anyone who he could ask about the whereabouts of Periyava.
At a distance he spotted an old man. He decided to ask him.
“Sir, Do you know where the sannyasi has gone?” he asked.
The old man replied,” Have you come to see him? Who has sent you?”
The person replied, “My friend [he mentioned the friend’s name] told me lots about the sannyasi. I have lots of family problems; my wife is always sick. My children are also useless! There is no peace or happiness at home! Even though I earn an honest living, I cannot even have a bite of food peacefully! That’s why I came here to have the dharshan of the sannyasi as per the advice of my friend.”
“Oh, if you tell your problems to the sannyasi, do you think you can get a solution to your problems?”
The person thought in his mind, “Why this old man is asking like this?”
The old man said, “Why do you think you are going through the difficulties? If you think these are not your burdens, then you mind will get relaxed.”
“How is that possible? I am the one who is going through these problems. Who is going to take my burdens?” asked the person.
The old man smiled.
The old man said, “If we are travelling to a different place, we will be carrying our luggage. But, what will we do? We will hire a coolie to carry our things, right? So, we don’t have to feel the heaviness of the luggage. Our difficulties are also similar. No difficulties are ours. We have to strongly believe that, God will take care. Then we don’t have to experience any of our difficulties.”
Even though the person could not realize that the old man in front of him is “Jagath Guru”, nobody can hide the bright light or the heat of fire. God’s words flowed into him like a giant waterfall!
The Ambattur person said,“Revered Sir, after listening to your words I can feel my mind has relaxed a bit. It is better to surrender our burden to Bhagawan and leave everything to Him. I wanted to tell all my problems to the samiyar and put down my burdens, like I shared with you. But, unfortunately, I could not see him. I have to go back to Madras immediately. It is my bad fate. I think good times have not come for me yet. But, I really feel pleasant after talking to you. Who are you? Are you from this place? Have you seen the samiyar?”
There was a big smile on Periyava’s face. He said, “Everybody calls me Sankarachariyar!”
Ambattur person immediately fell at Periyava’s feet right away. Crores and Crores of people yearn to have the dharshan of Periyava at least for a second. That Maha Maha Periyava has been talking to this Maha Maha insignificant person for such a long time… This shows only His great compassion!
Men have to remove their shirts before prostrating to Maha Periyava. The Ambattur employee did not have his Poonal! Mahaperiyava is Sarvaantharyaami! He knows everything!
Periyava called one of his sevarthi and said, “Take him inside and wear Poonal for him!” Periyava then blessed the employee and sent him.
“Difficulties, Difficulties” – if we lament that we are going through difficulties, those difficulties rejoice!
“Let it be difficulty or happiness, honor or dishonor, everything happens because of God’s will”, if we have strong faith in this, we can enjoy our life. Because that is the truth as well.

Annual Car Festival of Lord Jagannath - LIVE

Eid Mubarak

படம் இதைக் கொண்டிருக்கலாம்: உரை

It is reported that when the Prophet of Islam saw the new moon at the coming of the month of Shawwal, He said: “O God, make this moon a moon of peace for us.” This saying of the Prophet expresses the true spirit of Eid that is meant to promote spiritual values among people and create a peaceful environment in society.


To all our friends ,

in particular

friends whom I can never forget

A.R.Jabarulla Retd.DM

A.Pichai Mohideen Retd.SBM

Abdul Ghouse. Retd.BM Nagapattinam

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PM Modi addresses Indian diaspora at community reception in Washington D.C.

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Sunday, June 25, 2017

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live programme

man ki baath

My Dear Countrymen.

 The weather is changing. It has been extremely hot this year. But it is good that the monsoon is moving ahead on schedule on its natural course. The weather has become pleasant in several parts of the country with abundant showers. As a result of the rains, the cool breeze has brought about some respite from the oppressive heat of past few days. One has seen that no matter how hectic the life is, no matter how tense we are, whether its one’s personal or public life, the arrival of the rains does lift one’s spirits.
The Car festival of Lord Jagannath, the Rath Yatra, is being celebrated in several parts of the country with great piety and fervour. This festival is now also celebrated in some parts of the world. The underprivileged of the country are deeply connected to Lord Jagannath. Those who have studied the life and works of Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar, would have observed that he had wholeheartedly praised the Lord Jagannath temple and its traditions, since, social justice and social equality were inherent to these. Lord Jagannath is the God of the poor. But few would know that in English, there is a word, ‘juggernaut’ which means, a magnificent chariot, that is unstoppable. In the dictionary, the etymology of the word ‘juggernaut’ traces its roots to the chariot of Lord Jagannath. And therefore, we can observe that the world has in its own way accepted the significance of the Car Festival of Lord Jagannath, The Rath Yatra. On the occasion of Lord Jagannath’s Car Festival, I extend my heartiest greetings to all my fellow countrymen, and offer my obeisance to Lord Jagannath.
India’s diversity is its unique characteristic, and India’s diversity is also its strength. The holy month of Ramzan is observed all across, in prayer with piety. And now the festival of Eid is here. On the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr, my heartiest greetings to one and all. Ramzan is a month of charity, and sharing joy. The more you share joy, the more it multiplies. Let us come together and take inspiration from these holy festivals and share their joyous treasures, and take the nation forward.
In this holy month of Ramzan, I came across a very inspiring incident at Mubarakpur village of Bijnor in Uttar Pradesh. About three and a half thousand families of our Muslim brethren reside in that little village and in a way, form a majority of its population. During this Ramzan the villagers decided to get together and construct toilets. Now, to construct these household toilets, the government gives financial assistance, under which, they were provided a sum of 17 lakh rupees. You will be pleasantly surprised and happy to know that, during this holy month of Ramzan, these Muslim brothers and sisters, returned this money to the government, saying, they would construct these toilets with their own labour and their own money; and that this sum of 17 lakh rupees be used for providing other facilities in the village. I felicitate the residents of Mubarakpur, for transforming the pious occasion of Ramzan into an opportunity for the welfare of society on. Each and everything about them is inspiring. And the most important of it all is that they have freed Mubarakpur of the scourge of open defecation. We know that in our country there are three states that have already been declared Open Defecation Free states, that is, Sikkim, Himachal Pradesh and Kerala. Uttarakhand and Haryana have also been declared ODF, this week. I express my gratitude to the administration, government and especially the people of these five states, for achieving this objective.
We know very well, that tremendous hard work is required to achieve anything worthwhile, whether it is in one’s own life or for the society. If we have bad handwriting, and we want to improve it, we have to consciously practice for a long time. Only then will the habit of the body and mind will change. Cleanliness is also similar to this. These bad habits have become a part of our nature. We have become accustomed to them. To free ourselves of these habits we will have to constantly strive and persevere. Everyone’s attention will have to be drawn. We will have to repeatedly remind ourselves of good inspirational incidents. And I’m happy to see that cleanliness is no longer confined to being a government programme. It is getting transformed into a movement by the society and the people. And when government functionaries take this initiative forward with the participation of the masses, it becomes even stronger.
Recently I came across a wonderful incident, which I would like to share with you. This happened in the Vizianagaram District of Andhra Pradesh. The district administration there undertook a huge task with people’s participation. From 6 a.m. on the 10th of March, till 10 am of the 14th of March. A hundred-hour non-stop campaign. And what was the objective? To construct 10,000 household toilets in 71 gram panchayats in those hundred hours. And my Dear Countrymen, you will be happy to learn that the administration and the people together did construct 10,000 toilets in hundred hours successfully. 71 villages became ODF. I congratulate the people in the government, government officials and the citizens of Vizianagaram district on this great accomplishment of achieving this feat through immense hard work and setting a very inspiring example in the process.
These days, people have been regularly sending their suggestions for ‘Mann Ki Baat’, on the NarendraModiApp, on MyGov.in, through letters and Akashvani.
Shri Prakash Tripathi reminiscing about the Emergency, has written, presenting 25thof June as a Dark period in the history of Democracy. Prakash Tripathi ji’s commitment to democracy is praiseworthy. Not only is Democracy a system, but also a ‘sanskar’- a part of our ethos. Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty. One needs to be constantly alert about our Democracy, that is why we must also keep remembering the events that inflicted harm upon our democracy; and at the same time move ahead, carrying forward the virtues of democracy. 1975 – 25th June – it was a dark night that no devotee of democracy can ever forget. No Indian can ever forget. The country had virtually become a prison. The voice of the opposition had been smothered. Several prominent leaders including Jai Prakash Narayan had been jailed. The judicial system too could not escape the sinister shadows of the Emergency. The press was completely muffled. The present-day students of journalism and the champions of democracy have been endeavouring towards raising awareness about that dark period, by constant reminders, and should continue to do so. Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji was also in jail at that time. After one year of Emergency, Atal ji wrote a poem, in which he describes the state of mind during those turbulent times.
The scorching summer month,
The sad winter moonlight,
The sobbing monsoon,
An emptiness pervading within
An entire year has gone by.
The world confined behind bars,
But the soul like a restless bird
The freedom song resonates
From the earth to the sky,
An entire year has gone by.
The eyes are in anticipation
Counting days and moments
The beloved who went away,
Shall return one day,
An entire year has gone by.
The believers of democracy fought a prolonged war, and the great nation that India is, where the spirit of democracy pervades the very being of all its people, the strength of that spirit was demonstrated when the opportunity of elections came. We have to further fortify that legacy.
My dear countrymen, every Indian today, is proud and holds his head high. 21st June 2017 – Yoga has permeated the entire world. From the seashores to the mountains, people welcomed the first rays of the sun, with Yoga. Which Indian wouldn’t be proud of this! It isn’t as if Yoga didn’t exist before, but now the threads of Yoga have bound everyone together, and have become the means to unite the world. Almost all the countries in the world made Yoga Day their own. In China, Yoga was practiced on the Great Wall of China, and on the World Heritage site of Machu Picchu in Peru, at 2400 metres above sea level. In France, yoga was performed in the vicinity of the Eiffel Tower. In Abu Dhabi in UAE, more than 4000 persons participated in mass yoga. In Herat, in Afghanistan, on the India Afghan Friendship Dam, Salma Dam, Yoga added a new aspect to India’s friendship. In a small country like Singapore, programs were organised in 70 places, with a week long campaign. On the occasion of International Day of Yoga, the UN released ten stamps. A ‘Yoga Session with Yoga Masters’ was organised at the UN headquarters. The staff of the UN and diplomats from across the world participated.
Yoga has created a world record again this time also. In Ahmedabad in Gujarat, around 55 thousand people performed Yoga together and created a new world record. I too had the opportunity to participate in the Yoga event held in Lucknow. But I also had the good fortune to practice Yoga in the rain for the first time. Our soldiers practiced yoga in Siachen where temperatures reach minus 20, 25, 40 degrees. Whether it is our armed forces, or the BSF, ITBP, CRPF and CISF, each one of them, apart from their duties has made Yoga a part of their lives. On this Yoga Day, since this was the third International Day of Yoga, I had asked you to share photos of three generations of the family doing yoga together. Some TV channels also took this idea forward. I received a lot of photographs out of which, selected photographs are compiled and uploaded on the NarendraModiApp. One significant outcome of the way the yoga is being talked about all around the world is the portent that today’s health conscious society is now taking steps from fitness to wellness, and they have realised that fitness is, of course, important, but for true wellness, yoga is the best way.
Sound bite.
“Respected Prime Minister Sir, I am Dr. Anil Sonara speaking from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Sir, I have a question. Recently in Kerala, we heard you speak about replacing bouquets that we give as gifts, with good books as mementos. You had started this practice while you were in office in Gujarat, Sir, but in the recent days we have not been seeing much of this. So, can we do something about it? Is there nothing we can do to have this implemented throughout the country, Sir?”
Recently, I had the opportunity to go to one of my favorite events. A very good programme is being run in Kerala for the past few years, by the P.N. Panicker Foundation, which encourages people to cultivate the habit of reading books and to enhance their awareness towards this, by organising celebrations such as ‘Reading Day’, and ‘Reading Month’. I had the opportunity to go for the inaugural function, where I was told that instead of bouquets, they gift books. I liked it. Thus I was also reminded of what had slipped my mind. Because when I was in Gujarat, I had set this tradition of welcoming, by not giving bouquets, but books or handkerchiefs instead. And that too, a ‘Khadi’ handkerchief, so that it promotes ‘Khadi’. Till the time I was in Gujarat, this habit had been ingrained in us, but after coming here, I had lost that habit. When I went to Kerala, it was rekindled. I have already begun to issue instructions in the government. Here too we can gradually nurture this habit. And the life span of a bouquet is very short. You receive it in your hand for a moment and then abandon it. But when you present a book, it becomes a part of the household, a part of the family. One can also use a ‘Khadi’ handkerchief to welcome people, and be a support to the innumerable underprivileged. The expenses are reduced as well, and the gift is well utilized too. I say this, thinking of the historical value of such gifts. During my past UK visit, in London, the Queen of Britain, Queen Elizabeth had invited me to dine with her. The atmosphere was imbued with maternal warmth, and I was served with great affection. Afterwards when she showed me a small thread-spun khadi handkerchief, her eyes lit up. With great respect and in an emotion filled voice, she said, that Mahatma Gandhi had sent this handkerchief to her as a wedding gift. So many years have passed and yet, Queen Elizabeth has treasured the handkerchief gifted by Mahatma Gandhi. And she was happy to show it to me, when I went there. As I gazed at it, the Queen encouraged me to touch it. A small gift by Mahatma Gandhi, has become a part of her life and a part of history. I know that these habits do not change overnight, and when we talk about it, we invite criticism. Despite that, one should keep talking about it, and keep making the effort. Now, I cannot say that if I go somewhere and somebody brings a bouquet I will refuse it. No, I won’t do that, but we will talk about it even though there is criticism, and then gradually, the change will happen.
My dear countrymen, as Prime Minister, there are numerous tasks to be handled. I have to remain deeply absorbed in files, but for my own self, I have developed a habit of reading daily, at least a few of the letters I receive and because of that I get a chance to connect with the common man. I get a variety of letters, written by all sorts of people. Recently, I had the opportunity to read a letter, which I feel, I should share with you. From the far south, in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, Arulmozhi Sarvanan, a housewife, sent me a letter. And what was in that letter? She wrote, that she thought about engaging in some economic activity keeping in mind her responsibilities such as children’s education, to lend some financial assistance to her family. She got some money from the bank, under the ‘Mudra’ Scheme and commenced working towards procuring some items from the market for sale. Then she came to know of the ‘Government E-Marketplace’ system initiated by the government. She tried to find out the details, and asked people about it. And then she registered herself for the scheme. Here I want to tell my countrymen, that if you get the opportunity, you should also visit, the E-G-E-M, E-GEM website on the Internet. This is a great new system. Whoever wants to supply any item to the government, small things such as electric bulbs, dustbins, brooms, chairs and tables, they can register themselves. They can mention the quality of the goods, the rate at which they sell, and it is compulsory for the government departments to visit the site and see whether the supplier can supply the goods at reasonable prices without compromising on the quality. And then the orders can be placed. That is how the middlemen can be removed from the system. The entire process becomes transparent. There is no interface. Everything is done through technology. So, when people register in E-GEM, all the government departments become aware of them. As there are no middlemen, the goods are available at very reasonable rates. Now whatever goods Arulmozhi Madam could supply, she got all those registered on this government website. And the best part is, what she has written in this letter is very interesting. She has written that she got the money from the ‘Mudra’ Scheme and started her business, then she registered the inventory of all her products on the E-GEM website, and then she got an order from the Prime Minister’s Office. It was news to me also, I wondered what the PMO would have ordered. She wrote that the PMO had ordered two thermoses, and she was paid Rupees 1600/-. This is empowerment. This is an opportunity for encouraging entrepreneurship. Had Arulmozhi not written to me I wouldn’t have realised that because of E-GEM, a housewife living far away and running a small business can have the items on her inventory purchased directly by the Prime Minister’s Office. This is the nation’s strength. This has transparency, this has empowerment, this has entrepreneurship too. Government E-Marketplace - GEM. I would certainly like that whoever wishes to sell their products or business items to the government, should increasingly get connected with this website. I believe that this is an excellent example of Minimum Government and Maximum Governance, and it’s objective is Minimum Price and Maximum Ease, Efficiency and Transparency.
My dear countrymen, on the one hand, we take pride in Yoga, on the other we can also take pride in our achievements in space science. And this is the unique attribute of India, that whereas we have our feet firmly on the ground with Yoga, we have our dreams to soar beyond horizons to far away skies. Recently, India has had many achievements in sports, as well as science. Today, India’s flag is flying high not only on earth but also in space. Just two days ago, ISRO launched 30 Nano satellites with the ‘Cartosat-2 Series Satellite.’ And besides India, these satellites are of France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Britain and America, nearly 14 such countries. And with India’s Nano Satellite Mission, we will get a lot of help in the field of agriculture, farming, and dealing with natural disasters. We are all aware that a few days ago, ISRO has successfully launched the GSAT-19. And of all the satellites launched by India, this was the heaviest satellite. The newspapers of our country have compared it with elephantine weights. You can well imagine the magnitude of the achievement of our scientists in space. On the 19th of June, our Mars Mission completed one thousand days. You may be aware that when we had successfully created a place for the Mars Mission in orbit, this entire mission was planned for a duration of 6 months. It had a life expectancy of 6 months. But I’m happy that the strength of the endeavours of our scientists has been such that not only has this crossed six months; even after a thousand days, our Mangalyaan Mission is at work, sending images, providing information, collating scientific data, way beyond its expected duration and life expectancy. The completion of one thousand days, is an important milestone in our scientific journey, our space odyssey.
These days we see that our youth are getting increasingly inclined to the field of sports. It is becoming evident that along with studies, our new generations can see a future in sports as well. And our sportspersons, through their prowess, skills and accomplishments win laurels for the country as well. Recently India’s Badminton player, Kidambi Shrikant has brought glory to the nation by winning Indonesia Open. I extend my heartiest congratulations to him and his coach for this victory. I had the opportunity, a few days ago to be associated with the inaugural function of the Synthetic Track of the renowned athlete, P.T. Usha’s Usha School of Athletics. The more we promote sports, the more we see the spirit of sportsmanship. Sports play an important role in personality development also. There is a great significance of sports in overall personality development. There is no dearth of talent in our country. If the children in our family are interested in sports, they should be given opportunities. They should not be forced off the playing fields to be locked in rooms with books. They should study as well, if they can do well in studies, they should certainly do so, but if they have the potential and the inclination to do well in sports, that should be encouraged and supported by the school, college, family and all the people around them. Each one should nurture dreams for the next Olympics.
My dear countrymen, let me mention once again, that this Season of Rains, with its abundance of festivals and festivities, brings with it a unique new feeling of the times. I extend my heartiest greetings to you all, until the next episode of ‘Mann Ki Baat’, when I shall share my thoughts with you once again. Namaskar.


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Saturday, June 24, 2017


“गुरु पर संदेह और श्रद्धा” – ओशो
‘मैं यही कहता हूं कि जो बात आपकी बुद्धि को उचित मालूम पड़े, आपके विवेक से ताल—मेल खाये, उसे ही स्वीकार करना। जो न ताल—मेल खाये उसे छोड़ देना, फेंक देना।’
गुरु की तलाश में भी यह बात लागू है, लेकिन तलाश के बाद यह बात लागू नहीं है। सब तरह से विवेक की कोशिश करना, सब तरह से बुद्धि का उपयोग करना, सोचना—समझना। लेकिन जब कोई गुरु विवेकपूर्ण रूप से ताल—मेल खा जाये और आपकी बुद्धि कहने लगे कि मिल गयी वह जगह, जहां सब छोड़ा जा सकता है, फिर वहां रुकना मत। फिर छोड़ देना।
लेकिन अगर कोई यह सोचता हो कि एक बार किसी के प्रति शिष्य—भाव लेने पर फिर इंच—इंच अपनी बुद्धि को बीच में लाना ही है, तो उसकी कोई भी गति न हो पायेगी। उसकी हालत वैसी हो जायेगी जैसे छोटे बच्चे आम की गोई को जमीन में गाड़ देते हैं, फिर घड़ी—घड़ी जाकर देखते है कि अभी तक अंकुर फूटा या नहीं। खोदते है, निकालते है। उनकी गोई में कभी भी अंकुर फूटेगा नहीं। फिर जब गोई को गाड़ दिया, तो फिर थोड़ा धैर्य और प्रतीक्षा रखनी होगी। फिर बार—बार उखाड़ कर देखने से कोई भी गति और कोई अंकुरण नहीं होगा।
तो कृष्ण ने भी जब कहां है, ‘मामेकं शरणं ब्रज‘, तो उसका मतलब यह नहीं है कि तू बिना सोचे—समझे किसी के भी चरणों में सिर रख देना। सब सोच—समझ, सारी बुद्धि का उपयोग कर लेना। लेकिन जब तेरी बुद्धि और तेरा विवेक कहे कि ठीक आ गयी वह जगह, जहां सिर झुकाया जा सकता है, तो फिर सिर झुका देना।
इन दोनों बातों में कोई विरोध नहीं है। इन दोनों बातों में विरोध दिखायी पड़ता है, विरोध नहीं है। और अर्जुन ने भी ऐसे ही सिर नहीं झुका दिया, नहीं तो यह सारी गीता पैदा नहीं होती। उसने कृष्ण की सब तरह परीक्षा कर ली, सब तरह, चिंतन, मनन, प्रश्‍न, जिज्ञासा कर ली। सब तरह के प्रश्‍न पूछ डाले, जो भी पूछा जा सकता था, पूछ लिया। तभी वह उनके चरणों में झुका है। लेकिन अगर कोई कहे कि यह जारी ही रखनी है खोज, तो फिर जिज्ञासा तक ही बात रुकी रहेगी और यात्रा कभी शुरू न होगी।
यात्रा शुरू करने का अर्थ ही यह है कि जिज्ञासा पूरी हुई। अब हम कोई निर्णय लेते हैं और यात्रा शुरू करते हैं। नहीं तो यात्रा कभी भी नहीं हो सकती।
तो, एक तो दार्शनिक का जगत है, वहां आप जीवन भर जिज्ञासा जारी रख सकते हैं। धार्मिक का जगत भिन्न है, वहां जिज्ञासा की जगह है, लेकिन प्राथमिक। और जब जिज्ञासा पूरी हो जाती है तो यात्रा शुरू होती है। दार्शनिक कभी यात्रा पर नहीं निकलता, सोचता ही रहता है। धार्मिक भी सोचता है, लेकिन यात्रा पर निकलने के लिए ही सोचता है। और अगर यात्रा पर एक—एक कदम करके सोचते ही चले जाना है तो यात्रा कभी भी नहीं हो पायेगी। निर्णय के पहले चिंतन, निर्णय के बाद समर्पण।”

– ओशो

[महावीर वाणी – 27]