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The truth that Linji explained:

"When somebody tells us an idea, our tendency is to doubt it immediately. We look at the sky and the earth and we look for somebody to consult.  And the more we consult, the more unclear it becomes. Because each person puts his own idea and every idea is wrong. Everyone's idea is the object of his view , the object of his mind, and is not the reality.

Imagine two waves talking to each other. One says, "I hear that our true nature is water.How are we going to look for it? Of course there is nowhere for them to  look. We might want to read this commentary in order the understand the "truth of what Master Linji was saying, but perhaps the master was not saying anything but was speaking to pry open the windows in our own hearts.
Master Linji sought"

The true great gentlemen is someone who does not discuss master and servant, what is right and what is wrong, beauty and talent. 

He does not spend his whole time discussing.

 As for this monk, if someone comes, whether monastic or layperson, he is able to see through to that person's sources and recognize that the sounds, expressions, writings that he uses are illusory dreams.

There is a Chinese proverb that says, "If you win, you are......

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What Linji the Buddhist monk explains as I read above was not different from what Adhi Sankara Himself said in profound wisdom

Sampraadhe Sannihithe Kaale
Nahin Nahin Rakshathi Tukrankarane/

"Tukrangarane " just means the rules of grammar literally.

When you and I go into what is said:

All through our lives, we have been talking, discussing, having discourses . In short, unwanted discussions which led us nowhere.

We have forgotten to think of Govindha.  So worship Govindha.

(Do not lose time in other pursuits.) Oh ! foolish mind !!

When the final moment comes, nothing of what you have been discussing, comes to your rescue.

Think of Him.



Last Tuesday, I met a friend of mine for more than five decades.
He was standing with the help of a four-legged stick in a  queue,
Before a Counter in a Public Sector Bank. There were four people before him.

Why ? This old octogenarian should be here in pain and distress?
What does he want?
I approached him and said:
Hello ! Why? Why are you standing here?
What do you want?"  

"Nothing big sury."


"you know, I received some 40 thousand as arrears . That 40 per cent u know!"

"yes.I know"

"I put this in FD for 5 years. Then only u get 7.85 per cent. With senior citizen advantage, I get another .25 percent more here. I checked the receipt only when I was back home. 
My initials was put as P instead of R.
I phoned up to the Bank and they said 'you bring the receipt"
Yesterday, when I was here, they took my application, and said, you have written 
only as P . The FD is prepared only according to that.
you know. Because my fingers are not steady, I have written only R but, true it looks like P."

" What did you do ?"

"They wanted me to correct the application. When I did it, erroneously I cut that letter itself. 
So they wanted to  write again.
So I took another application form, went home, got it filled up by my son, and came back today."

"in this hot Sun ? you came all the way walking?"

"What can I do ? I was waiting for 18 years to get that 40 per cent. I am made to wait for another 2 days . That does not matter much."

40 k is not a small amount. interest is around roughly 3200 per annum. Roughly 267 p.m. roughly Rs.8 per day. 

I do not grudge. Never.  Even small amounts help. There is nothing which equals hard cash in old age.


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