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The society is divided into two extremes when it comes to wealth. Some are worried what to do when they are hungry and others want to know the solution to feeling hungry. 

When I was in Jagannath, we decided to feed people rice prasad from the temple to about 100 people. However, without any publicity, 350 people turned up. There was less curry and lentil soup than rice, but I noticed that people were just taking fists of rice and gulping it down with water. I felt for how long have these people been hungry for? 

Then, I was informed that that some ladies are filling a container with rice. Already, we did not have enough and I had requested more rice to be bought. Thus, I approached the ladies who had little children surrounding them. The ladies were feeding the children and themselves. I asked one of them, "Sister, have you filled this container?" 

The volunteers were worked up and made the ladies open the container, which was indeed filled with rice. I affectionately told the ladies, "Sisters, eat as much as you like here. Why are you taking this away? There are so many people left yet to feed." 

The lady wept  and replied, “Today I've eaten and fed my children after five days of hunger. Tomorrow morning when my children cry of hunger, what will I feed them? I am taking this for my children. I can return it if you say so.” Now how do I stop these ladies? This is the state of some people in the country and this world.

When getting your children married, you may keep the best and expensive food but please do not waste it. We have the right to eat it but not waste it. When you leave food you are eating in your plate and it gets thrown away, do not forget, you are sinning by keeping one person hungry in this country and world. Let us all take an oath that we will not leave defiled food in our plates. It will certainly bring radical changes in our life. It is not just the responsibility of the Government to bring equality in wealth and the society.

Dr. Radhakrishnan said, “Establishing equality in wealth and the society is not possible only through the Government, but also through humanitarian righteousness”. Do not restrict religion within the boundaries of worship, prayer and going to a temple. 

Religion must be humanitarian. I am the trustee of the wealth I have, thus I will distribute it as Prasad and use it. This is what a Yagya is, decentralisation of wealth; the thoughts that our Vedic Rishis passed on to us. One who eats after performing a Yagya is freed from all sins, meaning, eat after feeding others and wiping their tears. Whereas one who cooks and eats only for oneself will lead to the path of sin and attachment. 

The future of India is bright because we have the spiritual wealth from our Rishis. We must prepare and prove ourselves as the children of these divine Rishis. Through Sanatan Dharma we will be in that great position to spread light to others. 

Thus, let us ensure we do not waste food and prepare ourselves for humanity through our duties and responsibilities. Our Rishis have said that the future of Bharat is bright.

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